Our Hosts

<strong>Bob Ventimiglia</strong>
Bob Ventimiglia

Bob may be known here for over-opinionated rants and intermittent head-shaving, but he has worked full time as a professional trumpet player and music teacher in the NY/NJ area for the last twelve years.
Bob knows the hard work and dedication it takes to get to the top- and now you can hear him as producer and “Chairman of the Board” of i80 Sports.

<strong>Mark Mattera</strong>
Mark Mattera

Mark is one of the original members of the i80 Sports team, back in the “Garbage Time” days. He makes guest appearances on different channels and writes predictions for our NFL Weekly Picks shows.

<strong>Steven Wasco</strong>
Steven Wasco

Steven Wasco is a hyperactive fan of many things. He is known for liking all things involving comics, movies, and TV shows as well as writing a performing music for small events.
Steven may have a lot of passions but Football ranks very high on that list. Steven may be a Steelers homer but he has been predicting game results for multiple seasons. He is an original member of the i80 Sports NFL Division.

<strong>Sir Alex</strong>
Sir Alex

Much in the mold of the “other” Sir Alex, our Alex gets his expertise in MLS analysis from his time as a soccer coach and player. He is the senior most member of the original i80 Sports crew and plays it incognito in the online world.
Little is known about our Sir Alex- he was a longtime resident in Clifton where he learned global soccer styles. He is “opinionated by experience” and is the primary MLS contributor and a frequent sub on our NFL channel.

<strong>Nick Lichtenberger</strong>
Nick Lichtenberger

Nick Lichtenberger is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate baseball fans and lover of sports.  Nick comes to i80 Sports from the business sector with five years experience. There is no doubt that Nick will always come at you with the hottest and controversial baseball takes.
If Nick isn’t talking about baseball, he is most likely playing a round of golf with his buddies.  One of Nick’s “bucket list” items is to travel around the country to all the ballparks. Nick is also a huge Giants and Devils fan.     

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