Steve’s Preseason Playoff Predictions

Preseason Playoff Predictions:

Yes, yes, every sports site is starting to make predictions on who’s making the playoffs this year. But it’s just so much fun, who can resist? Today I’ll talk about which 2018 playoff team is out and who makes it in this year.


Who’s out: 

Seattle Seahawks: There are so many questions about the Seahawks right now. They’re turnover on defense and offensive philosophy make them an easy contender to miss the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys: When I do my Playoff Predictions again later in the season I am hoping that all three young stars; Prescott, Cooper, and Elliott are all signed to well deserved extensions. However, if Elliott is not in the fold I don’t think Dallas is a playoff team.

Who’s in:

North: Packers: As long as the Packers have Aaron Rodgers they are playoff contenders. I believe that Rodgers has something to really prove this year and with the team reloading on the defensive side and the Offensive Line, the Packers will be right back in the Playoffs.

South: Saints: I am banking on a healthy Drew Brees playing at an MVP level once again and for that high powered offense to take off once again. Yes, I am still concerned about Drew Brees arm, but I also believe that he understood what happened and took the proper measures to make sure his arm stays strong all season.

East: Eagles: The Eagles are one of my Super Bowl contenders this year. Carson Wentz is out to prove that his MVP caliber season two years ago is no fluke and with a loaded arsenal of weapons and a good defense. The Eagles are dangerous this year.

West: Rams: sure, you can call me a sheep flocking to the herd but I’m standing by this pick. I don’t value being contrary for contrary’s sake. None of the other teams in the West have shown me they’re on the Rams level and will have a whole season to prove me wrong.

Wild Cards

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings are stacked with depth at each position. I expect a bounce back season from this team and with this coaching staff. The Vikings have the best receiving tandem in the NFL and Dalvin Cook will rebound. The defense has always been very talented and they spent the entire offseason building depth at every level. Kirk Cousins has shown to be a playoff Quarterback in the past.

Chicago Bears: I honestly almost went with the Panthers here. I ultimately believe that the Bears have the better defense which I trust more than the Panthers. However I don’t believe they’ll win the North again because that defense is due for a massive regression.


Who’s Out:

Baltimore Ravens: This team has the highest turnover of all the playoff teams this year. Especially on defense. With a loaded division, the Ravens may be the odd team out.

Houston Texans: The Texans are the shallowest team in terms of depth this year. They’re offensive line is weak, they’re one injury away from having no running back, and they’re QB takes too many hits. 

Who’s in

North: Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are the most consistent team in the division and while they stumbled at the end of last season, Tomlin and his staff have always been good at reloading and coming back strong.

South: Indianapolis Colts: I won’t be concerned about Luck’s ankle until he’s not playing week 1. The Colts are another team I have contending for the Super Bowl because they are another team that is primed for a deep playoff run.

East: Patriots: I honestly wanted to go with the Bills just to peeve Jets and Dolphins fans but at the end of the day the Patriots have the best Quarterback and Head Coach combo in the league.

West: Chiefs: Although we all expect the Chiefs to revert back to the norm on offense the defense will be improved and there shouldn’t be that drastic of a dropoff on offense. Patrick Mahommes is an MVP Quarterback and Andy Reid has always built great teams. I think the Chiefs will be the team to beat in the AFC.

Wild Cards:

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers and the Chiefs will be one of the most interesting battles to watch in the AFC this season. Both teams have offensive and defensive talent that will be scary for any team. However, I believe that the Chiefs will prevail in the division but will be very interesting to watch!

Cleveland Browns: If the Browns don’t make the playoffs it would be a massive disappointment. The Browns flashed real potential last year with less of the talent they have now. If they can’t bring together all of this talent then John Dorsey and Freddie Kitchens should receive a lot of scrutiny. However, I believe that through great drafting and blockbuster Free Agency moves the Browns will go to the playoffs and will compete with the Steelers for the AFC North Crown. 

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