The Late Receiver Strategy

We all know the Zero Running Back Strategy and while it may work for some. I personally dislike it. Instead I always try to focus on a more practical approach of drafting where I try to take Running Backs early get Receivers later on. However, I am going to be trying a new strategy where I try to focus on taking Wide Receivers a little later. Normally my strategy is to take Running Backs in the first two rounds and then take receivers after that. 

However I have noticed over this season is that there are a lot of good receivers you can get late. And some of them are #1 receivers on their team. So this year I will not be taking a Wide Receiver until the 4th round at the earliest. Why? Well when I have gone two RB’s then two WR’s but in the 5th Round I rarely have my 3rd Running Back that I think can be a reliable starter. However I am always surprised by how many reliable receivers there are late. So let’s take a look at some receivers by round that you should look at to put yourself at ease in the later rounds.

Round 4

Brandin Cooks: LA Rams: I would love to have Cooks as my top receiver. He has logged 1000 yard seasons with at least 5 TDs a season and has been a model of consistency at the position despite whoever is throwing him the ball. 

Robert Woods: LA Rams: What can be said about the Rams receiving core that hasn’t been said before? Woods, Cook, and Kupp, you can’t go wrong with either one. 

Kenny Golladay: Detroit Lions: Golladay is slated to be the top target in Detroit once again. When you stat out Golladay’s numbers before and after the Golden Tate trade there is an interesting change. His targets and Receptions go up but his yardage and touchdowns go down. While his TDs are cut in half the yardage is pretty consistent so with Golladay going into his third season, where Receivers tend to break out, Golladay would be a consistent #1 receiver for your team. 

Round 5

Tyler Boyd: Cincinnati Bengals: With AJ Green down Boyd is now the #1. While there have been talks about how Boyd’s numbers go down when Green is out, we don’t know how long Green’s injury will be. While I do exercise caution when thinking about taking Boyd I also believe that he could have a career year where he shows the Bengals he can be the future for this franchise. 

Calvin Ridley: Atlanta Falcons: While Ridley had an impressive rookie campaign with 821 Yards and 10 Touchdowns, I see a rise in yards from Ridley and a positive regression in Touchdowns. Ridley is in a prime position to really impress this year as Julio Jones will still be demanding double coverage and Ridley will get one-on-one coverage. With his size and speed and his ability to make contested catches, the Sophomore receiver could be a great candidate to outplay his ADP. 

Mike Williams: LA Chargers: There’s not much else I can say about Mike Williams that hasn’t been said over the offseason. He had a great sophomore season in limited action. Now that Tyrell WIlliams is out of the picture Tyrell Williams is out of the picture, Mike Williams will get the majority of those targets and could possibly see around the same number of Touchdowns. 

Round 6

Alshon Jeffery: Philadelphia Eagles: While people talk about how DeSean Jackson’s value to a quarterback, the same can be said for Wentz’s connection with Alshon Jeffery. While I think DeSean Jackson is one of the best deep sleeper candidates, Alshon, if healthy, is the true #1 receiver of the Eagles and should have significant fantasy success this season.

Dante Pettis: San Francisco 49ers: I am surprised that Pettis’s ADP has only gone up one round this offseason. He is the veteran of the team and is primed to be the top receiver in San Fran. If he explodes like we all think he will, he will be an absolute steal in the 6th round. 

Robby Anderson: New York Jets: Robby Anderson may have had some off-field issues but this off season he has had no incidents and seems to be the focal point of this offense. In the last 5 five games of 2018 he averaged 5.4 Receptions, for 76.8 Yards and 0.6 Touchdowns. Over 16 games he would 86.4 Receptions for 1,228.8 yards, and 9.6 Touchdowns. So if Darnold is more consistent and Anderson is healthy, we could see a true breakout season for Robby Anderson.

Additional Rounds

Chtistian Kirk: Arizona Cardinals (ADP: 7.01): While I love Larry Fitzgerald and will always respect him, I like the upside of Kirk. Offseason reports have been glowing about Kirk’s integration into the air raid offense. If those reports translate into fantasy success then Kirk can be a late round gem.

Curtis Samuel: Carolina Panthers (ADP: 8.07): While I like DJ Moore, it is Curtis Samuel is the better value. There have been positive reports about how both Samuel and Moore have made strides this offseason and in training camp so I’ll be patient and wait for Samuel in a later round.

Geronimo Allison: Green Bay Packers (ADP: 8.08): While I am very high on MVS, his ADP has risen too much for me. So I am going to recommend the safer option in Geronimo Allison and bank on his chemistry with Rodgers that will allow him to be the number 2 in Green Bay. 

Dede Westbrook: Jacksonville Jaguars (ADP: 9.02): While the receiving core may seem low on talent in Jacksonville, Westbrook has been a consistent standout for the team. Reports have stated that Westbrook already has a rapport with new Quarterback Nick Foles, so Westbrook could possibly be in line for a 1,000 yard season!

Corey Davis: Tennessee Titans (ADP: 9.05): Okay, okay, I know that people have had enough of Corey Davis, and trust me, I get it. But look at his games against the Eagles and Patriots in 2018. He has all the talent in the world to be a number 1 receiver. If he can finally put it all together he will surely outplay his ADP.

Donte Moncrief: Pittsburgh Steelers (ADP: 10.04): In my article about the #2 receiver for the Steelers, all signs point to Moncrief being the man. He has the talent and now he has one of the best Quarterbacks in the league throwing him the ball. Unlike the Colts system the Steelers system has a history of supporting two 1,000 yard receivers and two top 20 receivers as well so Moncrief, if healthy, will surely play his 10th Round ADP.

Parris Campbell: Indianapolis Colts (ADP 13.02): TY Hilton is the #1 receiver in Indy, no question about that. However, Campbell’s high catch radius in college was impressive and now he goes to a high tempo, accuracy based system that Campbell should thrive in. 

Jamison Crowder: New York Jets (ADP: 13.10): Adam Gases system revolves around the slot receiver and the Jets paid a lot for Crowder who should fit in well into Gases system. I think the two pass catchers to target from the Jets are Anderson and Crowder. Both, I believe, could have 1,000 yard seasons. 

Undrafted Receivers to look out for.

Trey Quinn: Washington Redskins: Crowder thrived in Jay Gruden’s system, but all offseason we have been hearing about how Trey Quinn will now be in that role. I think Quinn could be a nice bench player and see what he does. If he thrives he could be a bye week starter.

Willie Snead: Baltimore Ravens: Snead’s connection with Jackson cannot be overlooked. I think that Boykin and Brown may be the long term answer for the Ravens but Snead is my receiver to target this year as the two other rookies continue to build a connection with Jackson.

Chris Conley: Jacksonville Jaguars: Conley was solid starter when he got his opportunities in KC but now he is in a system where he has to compete with the often injured Marquis Lee and the underwhelming Keelan Cole. Reports are that he has built a rapport with Foles as well and he could be in line for a major workload this season.

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